A influential author and bookcases

Beautiful Rimu timber that is sourced from sustainable forests

Example of Rimu Timber that I want for my bookcase

I am feeling a little giddy at the moment. I made a promise to myself that I would buy myself a handmade bookshelf and after a lot of searching around I think I have found the company I want to make it. I wanted a case made from rimu timber, as that is what my grandfather use to work with, yes he was a carpenter and has made me very discerning about quality and workmanship. I also want a wood that I know is from sustainable forestry.  It has proved a little more expensive than I thought but a side trip to https://www.ferratum.co.nz/ has helped me out. Hopefully will be posting some pictures of it soon. So excited, ‘sad’ my brother says but he’s only jealous!

Excellent Dystopian Novel by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale

The influential author in my life was Margaret Atwood and her book “The Handmaiden’s Tale”. This dystopian tale shows how a fantasy novel can be compelling, satirical and a warning. I remember how angry I felt when I first read it, that women lost control over their bodies and their right to reproduce as and when they decided. I also remember how shocked I was when the fact that was exactly what was going on in some countries today but that is a discussion for another time another blog.  I still read Margaret Atwood as I find her challenging but for me none more so than the first one I read. What was your influential author? Write in and let me know who and why.



Wattpad & The Birthright Triology

The Birthright Trilogy, Kick ass heroines make this an excellent read.

As I have stated I love fantasy, especially the opportunity to build such diverse characters and personalities.  One of the most interesting places to visit to read new and upcoming authors is Wattpad. This social platform website for computer, tablet or phone, describes itself as a place discover and share stories. To discuss and debate the characters and their developments, to enter into the authors worlds as they are being developed. I can lose hours on Wattpad, it fascinates me. I do have the beginnings of a story on there myself but not ready to share it yet. I have been honoured to be asked to critique a number of stories, flattering that people like my views, my rules for this is simple, if not constructive don’t criticise! Whatever your genre Wattpad will have a niche for you. Watched by publishers and agents it is a very good way to get your story “out there’ the voting system on the site facilitating that. From Wattpad I was introduced to the author Nicole McDonald, an independent Kiwi author whose Birthright Trilogy is an excellent fantasy book range. Nicole wanted to write about heroines who made things happen, rather than have them just happen, these books succeed in that and in engaging you with these women and their quest. The people they meet, the world they inhabit have all of the essentials of good fantasy and those ladies can ‘kick ass’. If you haven’t already read these books do so. The first book, ‘The Arrival’ is currently free on Amazon or Kindle.