Top fantasy books

Top fantasy books
<p>This month I got to thinking about what makes fantasy my genre and what my top fantasy books are. I started reading science fiction when I was 16 and my first book was Dune, it absolutely fascinated me. The different worlds and how the people/aliens interacted. It took me to somewhere completely new and exciting; somewhere that in a way became mine, very important to have a place to escape to when you are 16! In fact very important whatever your age. I have never lost that fascination but as I have explored other aspects of both science fiction and fantasy my interests have widened. I am not keen on military sci fi or fantasy or horror but always open to new interpretations. One of my top fantasy books would have to be the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. I love all of her books but this series is one of my go to as a relaxing favourite. It is hard to say which I would class as my favourite in this series but the ones I go back to time after time is the Mage Wars books where we meet the gryphons. I just love them. How did you get into fantasy and what would you class as your top fantasy books? I will introduce you to another of my favourites next time.


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