Magyk – The mystical series

Angie Sage’s series of books is one of the best magical fantasy series. The series consists of seven books released over a period of nine years , starting from “Magyk” in 2005 to “Fyre” in 2013. It is a series written in the new millennium but has all the usual flavors of magic with magical rings, dragons and dark lords.

Magyk Series - Angie Sage

Magyk Series – Angie Sage


The story is of Septimus Heap who is the seventh son of a seventh son and has inherent magical powers. He is taken away when he is a baby and lives 13 years of his life as an orphan. He is first given a number as an identification – boy 412. He is referred by this name till his aunt reveals his true identity.

The wizards are the protection of the palace area in which Septimus lives. The kingdom is different where the queen rules instead of the king. I think this has come out because of the author’s British origins, and in Britain Queen rules. The queen is murdered in the beginning of the story and princess is hidden in the Heap family. Here she grows and becomes a sister for the seven brothers.

The first book has all the drama of a potboiler. The main hero Septimus Heap is surrounded by all troubles, but ultimately becomes the apprentice to the EOD (Extra Ordinary Wizard. The story ends with the defeat of the dark wizard Dom Daniel.

The series was a great hit because of the richness of the characters and the way the book was written . A sequel was planned for 2014 but has been delayed. Warner Brothers has the rights to making the movie on the firsts book. Just read the series to understand what made it a success. It is gripping.