& Herald Mages of Valdemar a fantasy & science ficition website covering all genres

I wrote about Wattpad last time and I do hope some of you have gone and had a look at it, I now have the Wattpad App on my phone and I love it. Means I can read something when caught up in a queue or waiting overly long for an appointment. I do not always want to carry my kindle around with me so this app is great.

Another site I regularly visit is It has something to suit everybody in the fantasy and science fiction world. Here you will find every genre, sub genre and introductions to new genres you would ever want to read or view. The narrative can be comedic as well as satirical, informative and professional. Reviews on books, authors, films and plays, are interesting and informative as are the rereads on older published series. The gallery is awesome, some of the artwork takes your breath away. Some time ago they provided a piece of art to authors and asked them to write a short story around it; the results made fascinating reading. My favourite though, is the original short stories and novellas that are included in the site. Published authors and newbies all get space and the variety is incredible, this site is another one that I can loose time with.

Heralds of Valdemar, a fantasy series by author Mercedes Lackey

Heralds of Valdemar

Currently one of the re reads is from the Hearld of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey, I have every book that she has written and I still enjoy re reading them. The books are full of interesting people, heros and villains yes, but characters with flaws and depth that change and grow making you want to read more about them. Interested then go along to and follow the re read on the Last Herald Mage (book 1) that is currently being reviewed, well worth the effort.


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